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Our Process

While starting any project, we work extra mile to understand the domain and goals. We use the previous expertise and obtained knowledge to plan and estimate the project.
At this milestone we work with you and our designers to create a visual layer of the project. Outcome would be the exact screens of the application and plans the optimum user experience. Either we work with your appointed designers or okay to be provided with a ready-to-use design.
When look & feel is finalized, GO signal triggers to the technical team. By now they are fully briefed as the designated team has been involved in the planning phase. We develop the project per agreed timeline and giving you progress feedback on how the planned interfaces actually work andfurther ways to improve the experience.
In parallel to the development, we proceed with the delicate process of integrating the site with any needed third parties. These can be warehouses, payment gateways, messaging systems, search engines etc.
To ensure quality of the product, we do enough of testing during the development and integration phase, additionally we always perform a full set of testing and QA before we handover the product. Finally, we invite you to perform your own verification and provide us your valuable thoughts.
Basically, we do create and set up hosting for the project. For deployment, we create an automated script which ensures a safe initial deployment and any future deployments.
When the project is deployed and accessible for your end users, little work to be done. We're happy to have you covered for long term support including updates, fixes and changes per your request. We appreciate your priority if needed any bigger changes handled on an expedited schedule.


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