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With comprehensive solutions for B2B businesses to establish identity and explore web, mobile and cloud avenues, softices partners with its clients to boost success in every channel.

Our custom and creative solutions span impeccable design and sensational user-friendly interface that guarantees conversions and growth consistently.

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360-degree development services provider

As an under one-roof service provider, we have spread our wings across independent digital channels to help you upscale in style. Our team of expert and experienced hands deliver the following services right when you need them:

Softices - Web Development

Mobile app development

With the advent of “Mobile App” technological advancements, we provide an elegant and engaging mobile application development services that will help you to make your business productive and performance-oriented.

Softices - Web Development

ERP consulting & support

We do believe that your enterprise ERP systems are critical to your business. Any outage brings your business to a halt. All the ERP systems in your landscape require SAP Basis activities and continuous maintenance. SOFTICES is well experienced in providing ERP consulting in SAP landscape transformation, system conversion, and new implementations.

Softices - Web Development

Game development

Our game development experience stands us in good stead in delivering outstanding 2D and 3D games in multiple genres, devices, orientations, and gameplay!

Softices - Web Dedicated Developer

Hire a dedicated developer

Hire dedicated developers from softices today and watch your business grow. When you hire from softices, our developers become an integral part of your team. Each team member is carefully chosen based on the criteria and expertise you demand.

Softices - Web Development

Web development

With the evolution of computers and internet, the world has become very small. In this era no organization pertains to a specific region. Nowadays owning a website has become mandatory even for small scale organizations to get visibility in the market to reach out to customers across the region for faster growth etc.

Softices - Web Development


Whether the company brand is to be developed for an online or an offline business, Softices will be able to help you with your company branding and corporate identity requirements. You should view our portfolio to see samples of logo design and corporate identities.

Softices - Web Development

Cloud & devOps

Our cloud and DevOps expertise ensures improved agility for your operations along with a quick time to market, boosting efficiency across the board!

Softices - Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

At softices, we are an IT and digital marketing company that provides only the best digital transformation and technology services for our clients. Right from the beginning of an idea to the final execution, we are with you every step of the way to provide customized digital marketing solutions tailored to your brand's requirements.

Softices - QA Solutions & Software Testing

QA solutions & software testing

Quality assurance and software testing are often believed to be the same. For us at softices, we term quality assurance as QA solutions. We believe that software testing is part of a solution process.

How softices works

We believe in the idea of customer delight and relationship building. This leads to our team working closely with you on the planning, testing, execution and maintenance services. We leave no room for errors or inaccuracy at every step of the way.

Softices - Learning & Planning

Learning & planning

While starting any software project, we work an extra mile to understand the domain and goals. We use our expertise and obtained knowledge to plan and estimate the project.

Softices - UX & Design

UX & design

At this milestone, we work with you on your software solution and our designers will create a visual layer of your software project. The outcome would be the exact screens of the application and plans the optimum user experience. Either we work with your appointed designers or okay to be provided with a ready-to-use design for your solution.

Softices - Development


Once look & feel are finalized, and GO signal triggers to the technical team. By now they are fully briefed as the designated team has been involved in the software development planning phase. We develop the project per agreed timeline and giving you progress feedback on how the planned interfaces actually work and further ways to improve the experience.

Softices - Integration


In parallel to software development, we proceed with the delicate process of integrating the site with any needed third parties. These can be warehouses, payment gateways, messaging systems, search engines etc.

Softices - Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing & quality assurance

To ensure the quality of the software solution, we do enough of testing during the development and integration phase, additionally, we always perform a full set of testing and QA before we hand over the product. Finally, we invite you to perform your own verification and to provide us your valuable thoughts on a given software solution.

Softices - Deployment


Basically, we do create and set up hosting for the project. For deployment, we create an automated script which ensures a safe initial deployment and any future deployments.

Softices - Maintenance


When the project is deployed and accessible for your end users, little work to be done. We're happy to have you covered for long term support including updates, fixes and changes per your request. We appreciate your priority if needed any bigger changes handled on an expedited schedule.

Why choose softices?

Softices continues to make the strongest impression in terms of its incredible growth, transparency, and unwavering integrity. Here are the three biggest factors that make us stand out from the rest of the competition:

Softices - Why choose softices?


No two B2B businesses are same, which means adopting a unique approach becomes necessary. At softices, we lay emphasis on understanding your business tone, vision, and mission. Next, we design a bespoke website that makes you stand out in the crowd.

Softices - Why choose softices?

Timely deliveries

We not only develop exceptional websites, but do so in the promised timeframe. We understand the competition clock is ticking and would never want your business numbers to suffer because of a delay from our side.

Softices - Why choose softices?

Pocket-friendly services

Yes! We will design a website for your B2B business that too at a highly competitive rate. It does not matter what scale your business operates at, our affordable development services suit every B2B business out there.

Why clients love working with us

All the years that we have been in the business, we have strived endlessly to offer nothing less than the best to our clients. No doubt, most of our clients come from word of mouth recommendations and referrals.