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Digitalizing B2B business across multiple verticals

B2B businesses have many operational and functional engagements to attend. Amidst this, it is best to outsource all development and digitization needs. That’s exactly where softices comes to the assistance of such businesses.

The company has time and again leveraged web development expertise, impeccable mobile apps, aesthetic design sense, robust ERP consulting, and iron-clad cloud solutions to meet client requirements to the tee.


Web Development

Backend & front end
API development
Testing & quality assurance
Payment gateway
Third party API integration
Web security
Web scrapping & automation

With the evolution of computers and internet, the world has become very small. In this era no organization pertains to a specific region. Nowadays owning a website has become mandatory even for small scale organizations to get visibility in the market to reach out to customers across the region for faster growth etc.

We provide full-cycle web design and development services in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application and portal development.


Mobile Development

React native

We continue the craft and legacy of blending outstanding mobile app design with flawless functionalities and features. Our full-service digital consultancy partners with your enterprise to inspire the next possibilities in smart mobility. Working with your business will help us collectively introduce the new future, together.

With the advent of “Mobile App” technological advancements, we provide an elegant and engaging mobile application development services that will help you to make your business productive and performance-oriented.


Augmented Reality

Marker-based AR
Markerless AR
Location-based AR
Superimposition AR
Projection-based AR
Outlining AR
3D Models

AR has already proven value across a wide range of industries. Improve your customers buying confidence by letting them try on the latest makeup styles or see what that new couch looks in their living room before they have to make a purchase. Industrial AR applications like corporate training, digital assistants and diagnostics tools are also helping to improve business efficiencies and reduce costs. AR can be developed to run on the latest generation of smartphones and tablets, as well as wearable AR goggles like the Mircosoft Hololens and MagicLeap.

Softices helps startups and seasoned businesses create eye-popping AR experiences to delight, engage, and grow their user bases.


Game Development

Game design
2D animation
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality

The gaming industry is a billion-dollar business, which has led to game development gaining momentum. While it is easy to find a game developer, what is important is to make sure that you partner with the best in the industry.

The last thing game users want to encounter is an unfriendly interface full of technical errors. With a team of experts at work, we assure you that you will not face a single obstacle in making your game live.



Graphic design
Web design
Motion design

A brand is a symbolic representation of a company or product. For a company, it is a visible corporate identity by which associations with customers and target markets are created.

Whether the company brand is to be developed for an online or an offline business, softices will be able to help you with your company branding and corporate identity requirements. You should view our portfolio to see samples of logo design and corporate identities.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Content writing
Digital services
Pay per click
Google search

At softices, we are an IT and digital marketing company that provides only the best digital transformation and technology services for our clients. Right from the beginning of an idea to the final execution, we are with you every step of the way to provide customized digital marketing solutions tailored to your brand's requirements.


Cloud & DevOps

Cloud computing

You can achieve the business transformation you need by opting for our cloud and DevOps services. Even though it is not necessary for both these programs to co-exist, if you are aiming for a deep-rooted revolution in your organization then you must try cloud and DevOps.

With DevOps, we will help your business to taste process improvement, while cloud will refine your technology and services extension. By opting for this service, B2B businesses can become better equipped to push their applications and services in real time.

dedicated developer

Hire Dedicated Developer/Team

Ruby on rails
React JS

Hire dedicated developers from softices today and watch your business grow. When you hire from softices, our developers become an integral part of your team. Each team member is carefully chosen based on the criteria and expertise you demand.

qa testing

QA Testing

Mobile testing
Web testing
Manual testing
Auto testing

Quality assurance and software testing are often believed to be the same. For us at softices, we term quality assurance as QA solutions. We believe that software testing is part of a solution process.


ERP Consulting & Support

Supply chain
Artificial intelligence

We do believe that your enterprise ERP systems are critical to your business. Any outage brings your business to a halt. All the ERP systems in your landscape require SAP basis activities and continuous maintenance. SOFTICES is well experienced in providing ERP consulting in SAP landscape transformation, system conversion, and new implementations. We do offer application management services (AMS) outsourcing model having SUPPORT services based on sustainable service level agreements (SLA’s).

Choose the
best technology for your requirements

At softices, we offer IT solutions based on any technology, that aligns well with your requirements, letting things fall in place without any issues. Our multilevel tech expertise proves us to be ideal partners in your success journey!

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Leveraging google’s mobile operating system with pertinent relevance and updates



Maximising potential with robust apps and services, unexplored till date.



Save development time with a single codebase for both platforms


Ensure that the look and feel captures the maturity of every solution



Ensure that the foundation of the solutions remains in strong hands!


Artificial intelligence

Boosting possibilities of AI in multiple activities